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Tasmania’s major supplier of Bamboo

Our passion for Bamboo began with the discovery that Bamboo was a completely renewable resource that boasts at least 5,000 uses – yes
5,000 and climbing fast! We quickly discovered (only a few thousand years after the Eastern world), that this plant had no peer in so many
ways yet was virtually unknown to Australia and shunned like a disease in Tasmania. Tassie, of ALL places with its claim to be ‘The Nature State’
and champion of all things sustainable and renewable and so on, was seemingly oblivious to the fact the world’s most ecofriendly plant, will thrive here. Well, certain species anyway!

There are many Bamboo enthusiasts who will tell you that Bamboo will save the planet. I’m not as sure of that as I am it can certainly make a
difference. I’m willing to be proven wrong however and am more than happy to promote and grow as much as I can, to live a better life and
give back to planet earth, a little of what I’ve taken away.

This becomes possible due to Bamboo consuming more CO2 and therefore produces more oxygen, than an equivalent size stand of
Native Trees. It is claimed up to am astonishing 35% more Oxygen! The culms can be used as timber, food, bio fuel, fibre and more than 5000

We are Geoff and Allyson Pyne, owners and operators of Bamboo Van Diemen (BVD). Our expedition with Bamboo began right here in Dromedary in 2018,
when we planted our first parent stock with plants imported from the Gold Coast.

Suffice to say, things have changed a bit since then.

BVD now supplies most major Nurseries and Garden Centres across the state with Non-invasive Clumping Bamboo varieties suited to most applications.

Our introduction of Gracilis Bamboo to Tassie has been a true game changer to domestic screening. The ability of this plant, to create a dense screen
quickly, in a small space, is unparalleled.

The all-natural production techniques we use demand climate control and our baby Bamboos are protected until their roots are established. We then
‘kick them out’ into the Tassie climate where they are toughened up, ready for sale. Customers can then rest assured that their investment will withstand
what our climate can throw at them.

We are constantly giving different Bamboo species the ‘Tassie Test’ – many have failed but we have a few that are now ‘Tassie tough’. We are busy
propagating these and will offer them for sale in the Spring of 2024.

The plants we have offered for sale since we began operations vary in use from domestic screening, through stand alone ornamentals and big timber
windbreaks. Most have multiple uses once established.

We are more than happy to discuss your needs be it a fast growing screen in an awkward space, a Japanese styled garden or protection from the Tassie

Visits to our Nursery are welcome but only by appointment. We encourage such visits so you can see what a couple of ‘sticks’ in a small pot can become
in a very short space of time.

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