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Bamboo Van Diemen is a local, family owned and operated clumping Bamboo nursery. We grow & stock a variety of bamboo plants that are well suited to the local climate. Our catalogue consists of plants that are proven to thrive in our Tassie climate.

Non-Invasive Clumping Bamboo

All our Bamboo species are known as “Clumping Bamboo”, which cannot self propagate outside their own circular footprint. Individual footprints depend on species, but generally range between 1-2 meters in diameter.

Locally owned & operated

Bamboo Van Diemen is a local, family owned and operated nursery, stocking a variety of bamboo plants that are well suited to the local climate. Our catalogue consists of plants that are proven to thrive in our climate by growing them right here in Tasmania!

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Bambusa textilis Gracilis

Gracilis is the number one bestselling bamboo. It is well known as the best choice for privacy screening between 2mtrs and 6mtrs of height, as it is easily trimmable and very versatile. Extremely robust so handles Tassie’s climate impeccably.

​Gracilis is extremely quick growing and can be fully grown within 24 – 36 months, or quicker if you purchase more established sizes! Gracilis is low maintenance & drought tolerant once established. We provide Planting and maintenance guides with every purchase.


Oldhamii is one of the best multi-use bamboo species. Fantastic for screening, as a windbreak (awesome for Tassie) and noise barrier, has edible shoots (its common name is Sweet Shoot Bamboo!) and useful poles for construction. Oldhamii is a large bamboo, so is suitable for large blocks or acreage properties.

​It has an upright growth habit (most bamboo fan out wide) with dark green foliage. Oldhamii has a natural footprint size of the clump is 2-3mtrs however this species could be grown in narrower garden beds down to 1.5mtrs, but wouldn’t quite get as tall. Oldhamii is extremely fast growing, low maintenance and drought and frost tolerant. For these reasons it is a well loved species for farms or acreage. It can act as shade for cattle, grown for the natural bamboo mulch production, useable poles and of course the edible shoots.

Clumping bamboo grow circular, so plant them the same distance apart as the width you have available. Eg. if your planting trench is 2mtrs wide, you would plant them 2mtrs apart to form a dense screen. The narrower the space, the closer you plant the bamboo together. For more information, give Geoff a call/email for professional advice on your garden circumstances. Different circumstances have different solutions.

China Gold

Bambusa eutuldoides ‘Viridi-Vittata

China Gold is a large ornamental bamboo featuring gold culms with green stripes and bushy dark green foliage. China Gold will naturally grow up to 6 metres in height and can be easily trimmed down in need. This is one of the only ‘large’ bamboo species that can be maintained into very narrow garden beds or pots & troughs!

​It has naturally upright culms with wide bushy green foliage like a pom pom on top. It is not a narrow bamboo in terms of foliage. The natural footprint size of the clump is 2mtrs however this wonderful species can be planted into narrow garden beds or maintained smaller to suit your needs, down to a minimum of 40cm, with a root barrier, or 75cm with maintaining the base. It is the only large colourful bamboo that would perform in this area. Plant as a single feature or dense screening solution.

Alphonse Karr

Bambusa multiplex ‘Alphonse Karr’

Alphonse Karr is a small golden bamboo perfect as an ornamental feature or a light privacy screen in garden beds or pots and troughs. It has beautiful gold with green striped culms and attractive bushy green foliage. Alphonse Karr will naturally grow between 3-4mtrs in height and can be easily trimmed down in height in need. 


Bambusa multiplex ‘Goldstripe’

Goldstripe is a small, narrow screening bamboo perfect for small garden beds or pots and troughs. Goldstripe will naturally grow between 3-4mtrs in height and can be easily trimmed down in height if needed. It is very versatile to suit most gardens or ‘lazy gardeners’! 

This species takes over from Gracilis, if a smaller screen is desired. It will grow almost to its natural height in very small spaces so is ideal for that tiny bed between the fence and driveway.

Being a multiplex sub species, t produces lots of culms so is popular with gardeners seeking lots of stakes.


Bambusa ‘Compacta’

Compacta is the smallest bamboo, best grown in pots and troughs. Compacta will naturally grow around 2-3mtrs with a very tight narrow clumping base. It looks best left natural and untrimmed.

​It has a fan shaped growth habit with bushy green foliage up top. The natural footprint size of the clump is 75cm and this species can be planted into even more narrow pots and troughs down to 30cm. Compacta is a good small species for those not wanting to trim or be overwhelmed with a tall plant. However, it is higher maintenance; requiring regular fertiliser and water to maintain a lush green state. Without this it can look scrappy.

Nepalese Blue

Himalayacalamus ‘porcatus’

Nepalese Blue is a favourite here is Tasmania due to its appearance and cold tolerance. Native to the highlands of Nepal, it’s a shade loving plant that prefers morning sun. The leaves will retract if exposed to hot afternoon sun giving a very sad look. They will unfurl however, once the sun is gone and a bit of water is provided.

​The ornamental appearance of Nepalese Blue is slightly weeping featuring blue/grey tinged culms that are ‘finger’ thick and adorned with delicate tiny leaves. These characteristics make it a perfect choice for courtyards but can also be used as a hedge/screen.

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