Larger sizes are available by contacting us directly.

200mm | $55
  • 1-2 culms
  • 0.5-1m tall
250mm | $88
  • 1-3 culms
  • 1.5 – 2m tall

Bambusa Oldhamii

Probably my favourite cold climate Bamboo because of the big, bold statement it makes but also its multi-faceted portfolio of usefulness. Oldhamii is without peer as a fast growing windbreak and can reach a height of 8 plus metres in good growing conditions, very quickly. Tasmanians are more than aware of the constant battering we get from the wind – yet behind a stand of Oldhamii Bamboo, you could light a ‘candle in the wind’! Bonuses are plentiful including noise dampening and dust filtering. Add to that great shade and shelter belt provision for stock that will happily use the foliage as forage.

But wait – there’s more…..the mature thick walled culms of Oldhamii make excellent timber for construction of all manner of things as the straight culms are very strong. Of course the young emerging culms (bamboo shoots) are prized in Asian cuisine and Oldhamii or ‘Sweet shoot’ Bamboo is right up there among the best plants in the culinary world.

With its 2 – 2.5mtr natural footprint, you’ll need to have space for this plant but as far as an all round performer, Oldhamii is hard to beat and is very good value.



The approximate size of bamboo is only a guide. Plant measurements are taken from the bottom of the pot.

The sizing of plants does vary, particularly through different seasons of the year.

The most valuable part of the bamboo is the rootball size within the pots, which produces incredibly fast growth once planted.
Stock availability, pricing and sizing are subject to change without notice. For more information, please contact us directly.



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