Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions at a glance – if you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Doesn’t Bamboo spread all over the place?

This is absolutely true of running Bamboo that hasn’t been contained (there are various means to achieve containment) however it ISN’T true of the species of Bamboo we sell – they are ALL Clumping Bamboo and cannot self propagate outside their own normal footprint – generally 1 to 2 mtrs.

Isn’t Bamboo a tropical plant?

This popular belief is again, not true of all Bamboo species. Apart from extreme cold areas of the world (generally polar), Bamboo grows in most countries. It’s true that the majority prefer tropical/sub tropical climates but there are plenty that will grow happily and some that actually prefer cold climates. Sadly a lot of cold climate Bamboo are of the running type so we refuse to grow them. We stock & grow nine species that are well suited to Tasmanian conditions.

Why is bamboo so expensive?

Bamboo propagation is a hit & miss affair and very labour intensive. Viable seed is very rare and most propagation in Australia is performed by vegetative methods with not so good strike rates. These are all factors in the cost of Bamboo. When you consider however, that the couple of ‘sticks in a pot’ that you buy in 2018 will be fully formed plants 2 to 3 years later, Bamboo becomes a very sound investment.

Which type should I grow?

You’d be very adventurous and almost certainly disappointed, should you try to grow tropical Bamboo species in Tasmania. Among the cold climate varieties, there are quite a few options and which species is right for you, depends a lot on your needs. If you want a fast growing screen to block out the neighbours, the most suitable plant will depend on your space and height requirements. We also grow Bamboo that is great for hedging and some that are outstanding feature plants. There IS a Bamboo to suit most needs.

Do I need to spend lots of time and effort caring for my Bamboo?

Like all living things, a little love and nurturing goes a long way to reaping rewards. Once planted in the right position, your Bamboo will benefit from adequate moisture and nutrition in its first few months. Thereafter, whilst general plant maintenence is recommended, your Bamboo will tolerate dry spells and harsh conditions for short periods. When you purchase through Bamboo Van Diemen, we will provide you with comprehensive Planting and Maintenance guides to ensure your Bamboo plant rewards you indefinitely.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we will deliver your plants to your door. Standard delivery rates will apply.

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