China Gold


Larger sizes are available by contacting us directly.

200mm | $99

1-2 culms, 1-2mtrs high

Bambusa Eutuldoides – Viridi Vittata

China Gold is a large ‘ornamental’ Bamboo featuring green and gold striped culms and bushy dark green foliage. It will grow to 6mtrs plus in height but can be easily trimmed if required. Somewhat uniquely for a large Bamboo, China Gold can be maintained in narrow beds (40cm minimum) or even pots & troughs. If you choose to plant this species in a narrow bed under 75cm, we would recommend using a root barrier. Between 75cm and up to its natural 2mtr footprint, you will need base maintenance (removing new shoots outside your desired perimeter).

China Gold can be planted as a feature plant or as a dense screen (at canopy level), considering the wider bushy green foliage in the upper portion.





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