Larger sizes are available by contacting us directly.

200mm | $66
  • multiple culms
  • 30cm – 50cm tall


This is the smallest Bamboo we grow (apart from the groundcover) and is best grown in pots or troughs. Compacta will grow naturally to approx 2mtrs, with a very narrow, clumping base. It looks at its best when left untrimmed, in its natural form.

Compacta displays a fan shaped growth habit with a bushy green foliage top. The natural footprint is only 75cms but readily grows well in narrow pots and troughs down to 30cms. It’s a great alternative for those not wishing to be overwhelmed by the larger species or the need for trimming. It IS a bit higher maintenance however requiring regular fertilising and watering to maintain the lush green state. The plant will let you know if this routine is lacking, by looking a little scrappy.






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