Alphonse Karr


Larger sizes are available by contacting us directly.

200mm | $55
  • 1-6 culms
  • 1m tall
200mm | $66
  • 1-6 culms
  • 1.5m tall
250mm | $88
  • 8-12 culms
  • 1.5 – 2m tall

Bambusa multiplex Alphonse Karr

As though it were native Australian – Alphonse Karr proudly displays in Green & Gold striped culms that fan from its base. Striking in a pot/trough or as a stand alone garden feature, this Bamboo will tolerate the frostiest of positions. Left it to its own devices, Alphonse Karr will fan dramatically, producing a 2 plus metre canopy which can be trimmed in need.

Its 3 to 4mtr height dosen’t preclude it from performing as a screen/hedge. New shoots emerge as beautiful pink gems that transform into striking gold culms championing green striations, even in the coolest climates.

Alphonse Karr’s natural one metre footprint belies the canopy spread of beyond 2 metres so, if a screen is your desire or you are planting near a fence, consider the canopy level giving you generous coverage.



The approximate size of bamboo is only a guide. Plant measurements are taken from the bottom of the pot.

The sizing of plants does vary, particularly through different seasons of the year.

The most valuable part of the bamboo is the rootball size within the pots, which produces incredibly fast growth once planted.
Stock availability, pricing and sizing are subject to change without notice. For more information, please contact us directly.



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