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The Dichotomy of Covid
01 February 2022
Your new job? Since all our lives changed nearly two years ago and especially through 2021, it seemed...
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The Top Ten Reasons Why Bamboo can Save the Planet
08 December 2021
I Have Shared This Article Before But Thought It Timely With COP26 Having Just Wound Up: Today,...
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Inspirational Bamboo Flooring Ideas
16 October 2021
Only Five Odd Years Ago, Bamboo Flooring Was As Foreign To Me As Flying Into Outer Space. Well, Just...
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How does bamboo grow?
24 September 2021
Some of us have been fortunate enough to visit places like Asia, South America or Africa and marvelled...
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24 November 2018
Constructing with Bamboo – REALLY? Had you suggested to Ally or myself two years ago, that we’d...
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A Bamboo Sized Appetitie
31 August 2018
Feeding time for Bamboo As I write this on the final day of Winter 2018, a sigh of relief accompanies...
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02 July 2018
Though completely dispassionate, for many years my only real impression of Tasmania and Tasmanians was...
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Grow Baby Grow
08 June 2018
As every person who has ever planted something will attest – there’s no reward greater (well perhaps...
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The road to Dromedary - a Bamboo tale!
20 March 2018
It began with the passing of my uncle, a returned man who fought in New Guinea in WW2 and married my...
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