Gracilis – The Best Privacy Screening Bamboo

When we researched Bamboo and growing the plant in Tasmania, we were advised to grow 90% Bambusa textilis Gracils with only a handful of other species, known to be cold climate tolerant. We were also advised to grow Phyllostachys Nigra, the only cold climate tolerant Black Bamboo. Sadly the Phyllostachys Bamboos are all invasive runners and we were determined NOT to be the source of future issues with running Bamboo, which has already been banned as a weed in many mainland jurisdictions. We took the advice with Gracilis but politely declined the Nigra.

After four years of growing and selling Bamboo in Tassie, the advice was well founded as Gracilis Bamboo has surged to popularity here and for many good reasons. If you are considering Bamboo as a fast growing green screen or simply a feature in your garden – here is some food for thought as to why you might like to consider this wonderful plant.

Beautiful, neat, upright bamboo makes excellent scenic screens, with their smooth, neat stems and lush green foliage. 

The meaning of the name: Gracilis is Latin for “thin, slender, graceful.”


So why the attraction to Gracilis over other Bamboo varieties? I mean, there are over 1500 varieties of bamboo.

First of all, Gracilis is a clumping bamboo which is considered as non-invasive. This means that it grows in a tight clump and will not spread wildly like the running bamboo varieties, which have given bamboo generally a bad reputation.

Gracilis, also known as Slender Weaver or Slender Weaver Bamboo, is the most popular bamboo for privacy, and for good reason:

  • Gracilis grows where most other plants have problems. The non-invasive bamboo is a clumping bamboo variety in a narrow bed of only 50cm instead of the dreaded runner bamboo.
  • Gracilis, a plant that provides vertical privacy, takes up very little space in your lovely garden because of its upright growth habit.
  • The slender weavers will provide brilliant shade from neighbors in 18 months or hide an unsightly sight if planted in one of our 200mm pots with well-developed roots.
  • Gracilis Hardy and tolerates cold temperatures down to -12 degrees.
  • Gracilis Free of pests and diseases.
  • It can also act as a windbreak, sound barrier, and erosion control.
  • Gracilis Depending on conditions, it grows up to 6 meters tall (growth can be controlled for diameter and height).
  • Gracilis forms a very dense hedge and is compact.
  • It is very aesthetically pleasing all year round making it ornamental.
  • It produces many new shoots during the growing season (October-April).
  • Want to get 30% more oxygen with your privacy bamboo?
  • How about a bit of shade in a warm suburban garden?

Privacy bamboo plant (Slender Weavers, the non-invasive variety) has many more benefits. But the above arguments should convince even the most misunderstood bamboo detractors.


Straight, thin-walled, and robust. Beautiful straight bamboo that forms a very dense clump.

This species is excellent for shading. Planted 1 m apart, it forms a continuous, dense ‘bamboo wall’ within three years. They can also be planted further apart (for example, 1.5 or 2 meters between plants) and form a large shade screen, but with distinct individual clumps at the base, the foliage at the top will still form a complete shade screen. They should be planted at least 0.5m from the fence unless some root barrier is used to prevent them from growing under the fence.

The size of the plant will vary greatly depending on the circumstances. If planted close together (for example, 1 m apart) or in more unfavorable conditions, it will usually only grow to 6 m. 

There is no exact rule as to how far apart the plants should be, as this depends a lot on the look you want and your budget.

For more extensive beds (for example, at least 1m wide), we generally recommend 1m spacing if you want the clumps to grow together at the bottom. If you space them further apart (1.5 or even 2 m), you will still have full coverage at the top, but there will be gaps between the clumps at ground level.

Bamboo tends to grow a little slower in very narrow garden beds since the root space is limited. To achieve excellent, even ground coverage, you can plant between 0.5 and 1 m. The closer you plant them together, the less time it takes to achieve full coverage (the clumps are close together). Therefore, it is a matter of budget and how long you are willing to wait.

20 Benefits of planting slender weaver bamboo (gracilis)

  • Locks Out Ugly Views Quickly – Be it a Telstra Tower or a color-bond fence, it can be screened quickly.
  • Purifies Your Air Up To 3 Times More Efficiently Than Other Plants – 35% more oxygen for your lungs.
  • Can Cool Your Garden Up To 8 Degrees In The Summer Heat – The outdoor air-conditioner.
  • Can Be Grown In Pots, Troughs, Or Garden Beds – It does require a little extra care when grown in pots or troughs, but it can be done.
  • Can Be Planted In Narrow Widths – Slender Weavers can grow in as narrow a space as 50cm and still reach 5 meters or higher,
  • Beautiful Natural Privacy Screen – You can legally have a stunning evergreen living fence. Try doing that with any fence material.
  • Beautiful Feature Plant (Looks Stunning With Lighting) – Gracilis looks amazing along a driveway, walkway, or around the swimming pool with lights. 
  • The Fastest Way To Get Privacy As It’s The Fastest Growing Land Plant – If you plant our Gracilis Bamboo 200mm pots, you will have a great screen in 18 months in ideal climate conditions and with a good food/water regime.
  • Doesn’t Get Too Clustered Around The Base (forms very tight clumps) – The base diameter can grow to 1 – 1.5 meters. It can also be controlled with a few tricks we can show you.
  • Shallow, Non-Invasive Root System – The root system is very shallow, around 30 – 40 cm deep.
  • Blocks Out A 2 Story Window Effectively – There is nothing worse than losing your privacy and someone looking into your house and yard.
  • Graceful – Blends In Well With Any Garden (Even A Native Garden) – Gracilis is a beautiful plant and belongs in any garden style.
  • The Shoots Are Edible – It must be well cooked, but it’s not the first choice if you’re after edible bamboo shoots; Oldhamii is much tastier, I must say.
  • Free Poles For Tomato Stakes – Stop spending money at your hardware and garden store. You’ll have enough to give to family and friends.
  • Perfect Choice For Hedging Or Screening – Some people like the natural look, and some like their bamboos trimmed. Once you cut (top) a culm (stem), it will stay at that height.
  • Outstanding As Windbreaks And Noise Barriers – Noisy kids next door, or do you live on a busy street? The bushy, dense mature clumps of Slender Weaver Bamboo will reduce noise.
  • Drought Tolerant Once It’s Established – Gracilis likes water, but once it’s established, it’s drought tolerant.
  • It Is Pest And Disease Free
  • Extremely Useful For Soil Stability And Erosion –  Useful in promoting soil stability and curbing soil erosion.

 Gracilis bamboo is the superior bamboo for screening. No other plant will grow a screen faster than bamboo.

How Fast Will my Gracilis Bamboo Grow

Bamboo gracilis(slender weavers) will grow fast in many situations and most environments, even in a narrow bed up against a fence with only a few hours of sunlight a day. They will still grow to a favorable height faster than any other plants.

Suppose you want a bamboo Gracilis privacy screen or hedge to grow at high speed; you plant in spring and put 90 percent of your effort into preparing the soil and plant in full sun and feed a slow-release fertilizer high in nitrogen and irrigate and mulch well.

Maintaining Your Gracilis Bamboo Screening Plants

Bamboo gracilis is a low-maintenance screening bamboo plant.

Pruning your bamboo screen to the height you wish is a once-a-year job. You can also prune your bamboo at any time of the year if you need to. The end of winter is the preferred time.

It’s entirely possible that you haven’t found the answers or products you were looking for on our website or you would like further information or to make an appointment to visit our nursery to view or select some plants (we aren’t a retail shop). That’s great, we’d love to introduce you to this miracle plant. Please don’t hesitate to contact us any way you choose – we’ll be back to you in a flash.

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