The Dichotomy of Covid

Your new job?

Since all our lives changed nearly two years ago and especially through 2021, it seemed there was a great wedge driven between the 2.4million small businesses in Australia. On the one hand, businesses in the Hospitality and Tourism sectors for instance, were devastated by lockdowns and restrictions on their ability to trade. Then we have sectors like Home Improvement and Plant Nurseries that were running out of stock. This almost unprecedented phenomenon due to those who could afford it, utilising their newfound home duties to upgrade or beautify their domiciles. Bamboo Van Diemen are very grateful to have been on that side of the wedge.

A brief overview of small business “exits and entries” as counted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that in FY20-21, there was (surprisingly to me) a 3.8% increase in the number of businesses operating in Australia with the sector named “Other Services” the largest increase, by a disproportionate 7.4%.  So what’s that got to do with Bamboo you may well be thinking. Well nothing really but the recent approach from an entrepreneurial young man set my mind off in this direction. He was writing an article titled The Best Places to Buy Plants in Hobart and chose our business as one of those. Exercising due diligence, it was time to research his business –   . There I found a well constructed website that offers locals a job and the community a service – well… to be fair.

Clearly not a unique business model but I admire this young man’s efforts in getting his family business off the ground against well established competition. Further, for achieving a 4.7/5 Rating after 1000 plus reviews.

Sadly I can’t recommend the service as a customer given I haven’t used it but if this article assists someone looking for work without joining a franchise and paying for the privilege, I’m happy to have written it.

Oh… know Bamboo is a grass right!!

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