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The Top Ten Reasons Why Bamboo can Save the Planet

I Have Shared This Article Before But Thought It Timely With COP26 Having Just Wound Up: Today, almost everyone is aware that we are depleting the natural resources of our one home at a rate that is much beyond sustainable development. To some extent, we have grown weary of the alarming warnings and cautions about our wastefulness. […]

Inspirational Bamboo Flooring Ideas

Only Five Odd Years Ago, Bamboo Flooring Was As Foreign To Me As Flying Into Outer Space. Well, Just Like Bill Shatner, I Now Know That Sometimes, Imagination Plus Determination = Reality. Completely by accident, Bamboo flooring and indeed Bamboo per se came to my attention as a result of stubbing my toe on a raised hardwood

How does bamboo grow?

Some of us have been fortunate enough to visit places like Asia, South America or Africa and marvelled at the sheer presence of giant Bamboos. That once established, those monster poles (culms) reach full height in just a couple of months is astounding. Here in Tasmania, we can only dream of such growth and are resigned to cultivating plants

The Times, They Are A Changin

Constructing with Bamboo – REALLY? Had you suggested to Ally or myself two years ago, that we’d be hosting a Constructing with Bamboo Timber workshop in New Norfolk, we may have called the men in white coats. It’s not something my generation (Baby Boomers) or their Western World predecessors would have considered even remotely possible,

A Bamboo Sized Appetitie

Feeding time for Bamboo As I write this on the final day of Winter 2018, a sigh of relief accompanies my morning cup of tea. Our Bamboo plants have just completed their first winter in Tasmania and all varieties bar one have done extremely well. Every plant that we put in the ground in November,

Bamboo In Permaculture

Though completely dispassionate, for many years my only real impression of Tasmania and Tasmanians was the perpetuated ‘mainlander’ myth suggesting that the general populous comprised two headed tree huggers. When visiting Tassie for the first time only two and bit years ago and not to prove nor dispel those less than charitable, mischievous accusations, the

Grow Baby Grow

As every person who has ever planted something will attest – there’s no reward greater (well perhaps falling in love and child berth) than witnessing that tiny seedling/cutting/shoot make its way to maturity. Previously I may or may not have confessed that both Ally & I could be considered Horticultural Hopeless Harrys. In my case,

The road to Dromedary – a Bamboo tale!

Well I guess the best place to start this blog, is at the beginning of our journey into the amazing world of Bamboo. It began with the passing of my uncle, a returned man who fought in New Guinea in WW2 and married my father’s sister around the time of my birth. He was a

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